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Challenge 22: Vote

vote for your top three

VoteCollapse )

Challenge 22: REMINDER

It's due the 13th (so not quite half way through). Remember, this is love during the Holidays.
Love doesn't always come in the patterns we want. There is mother/duaghter love, friends, romantic love and everything that goes with it. If you don't open yourself to hurt, you will never open up enough to love.

Make up to five icons
anything goes (LJ standards)
First episode: Amends
Due Dec 13th midnight

Feel free to find your own, as long as you can somehow make it fit "love" *grin*

(to shake things up a little, the next will be Firefly/the ball Kaylee and Mal went to, as well as time that Zoe spent with Wash. And Inara as Mal as well :)

Chirstmas in SunnydaleCollapse )

Banners - Spike/Dru and Willow/Oz

Uh - so the Spike/Dru banners were on my computer for a while now and I just never uploaded them. Sorry folks!

If there's any mistakes let me know....

bannersCollapse )
is due at 5pm PST tomorrow.

We've only had two people enter, so I'm hoping a few more of you have some love for Willow/Oz.

Challenge 21: REMINDER

It was due the 29th. If anyone needs more time due to the US Holiday, just let me know!

Challenge 21: The Downfall of Willow/Oz

From Graduation Day Pts 1&2 to Wild at Heart (S3-ep 21 and 22, S4 1-6) (new moon rising will be it's own challenge at some point)
Make up to four icons
Use caps given or find your own from any of the above mentioned episodes
Anything goes/LJ Standards
Due Nov 29th(two days after Thanksgiving)

I admit it, as much as I loved Tara, Willow and Oz were my favorite couple.

Warning, image heavy.

Willow/Oz...downfallCollapse )

Last minute Reminder

Willow/Oz II is due tonight at Midnight!

We really could use a few more entries!


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