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I have been neglecting all of LJ, going to try to remedy that.

Very late reminder. going to keep this open for a little while to try to get some more entries.

V-Day (belated) contest

Early reminder...

I added some caps to the latest challenge...

Valentine's Day Challenge

Vote for Shindig if you haven't already ....
Ok - for this challenge we're gonna use the Buffy ep "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered", love spell gone wrong - would could be better for upcoming Valentine's Day :)

- Make up to 4 icons.
- Due 2/22 (two weeks)
- I added a few images, you can find your own if you like ("love" related). Also text-only icons are allowed (only quotes from this ep obviously and if it relates to love).

capsCollapse )

Handing over the reigns

For now,larissadawn is your new main mod! I'll try to be around from time to time, but she's in charge. So be nice!

Voting - challenge 23

Going to try to keep this comm going, for now here's the vote for the last challenge (yes it's been a while - sorry) and another challenge will go up over the weekend.

Vote for 3 (in order place - 1st/2nd/3rd)

voting for shindigCollapse )

Banners - 20 and 21

Ok folks make sure to enter Shindig

And if you haven't go Vote

Any mistakes let me know....

congrats!Collapse )

Winners: Challenge 20

Hopefully this catches us up :)

ResultsCollapse )
Make up to five icons
Use caps given, or find your own
Some kind of love must be depicted...if you can defend it, I'll let it in!
Anything goes/LJ standards
Due Dec 27th or when we have enough icons.

Remember,there are many kinds of love

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Default - 1st Place
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